BBO Shropshire Project Lead – Landau

Landau’s BBO provision will support participants to improve their confidence, undertake training, seek work experience and gain skills.

Individuals will be allocated a Personal Job Mentor to support him/her to access Job Clubs, Community Projects and to gain the Life Skills at a pace appropriate to them. They will receive a unique model of support so that the most appropriate services are accessed by them.

Accredited and non-accredited training is available as appropriate, including employability skills, confidence, money management, first aid, health and safety, manual handling, food hygiene and basic skills. “Taking Charge of your Life” is a four week (non-accredited) course  – delivered in Telford and Shrewsbury and Market Drayton – that begins to support participants in their journey towards improved life and work skills. Landau BBO will arrange relevant work experience, as well as providing job preparation and job searching skills.

Jessice Druce – Senior Employment Officer

01952 245015
[email protected] 

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Testimonial – Carl

“Brilliant place [Landau West Bromwich].”


Testimonial – Lesley

“Landau is the best the staff are brilliant the learners are brilliant the whole place is fantastic the place is so calm and the learners love it they always say today has been a really good day Sharon [Landau Stoke Manager] has got such a good understanding of what she wants the place to become well done Landau.”


Testimonial – Anthony (Supported Employment Participant) 

“I came here [Landau Stoke] on work experience. And honestly, it’s a fantastic place, with fantastic people. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Anthony (Supported Employment Participant) 

Testimonial – CZaynab (Study Programme Participant)

“I have really Enjoyed being at Landau. Thank you for all of your help.”

Zaynab (Study Programme Participant)

Testimonial – Clive (Supported Employment (Work Choice) Participant)

“With the support from Landau, I feel like doors have been opened and I’m now considering all available options.”

Clive (Supported Employment (Work Choice) Participant)

Testimonial – Natasha (Supported Employment (Work Choice) Participant)

“My time at Landau has really helped me, I was really scared of the thought of getting back into work. When I started Landau I was really nervous and I didn’t want to go, but I am happy I did because now, I have a job in a care home. They helped me gain confidence for my interview, everyone at Landau is really nice, they helped and supported me. I feel more confident and happy to start my job and it’s nice to know that Landau will be still supporting me whilst at work. Everyone made me comfortable and they all helped when I got nervous. Thank you so much for your help.”

Natasha (Supported Employment (Work Choice) Participant)

Testimonial – Ollie (BBO Shropshire Participant)

“The programme is very helpful, Allyson was great, my life now is good, I have a new job to look forward to and new people to meet.”

Ollie* (BBO Shropshire Participant)

Testimonial – Becky (BBO Shropshire Participant) 

“Think about how far I’ve come in a year, what could I be doing in years’ time!”

Becky* (BBO Shropshire Participant) 

Testimonial – Amy (Supported Employment (Work Choice) Participant)

“I really don’t think I’d be working now if it wasn’t for all Landau’s support and advice. I can’t thank you enough for all your help.”

Amy* (Supported Employment (Work Choice) Participant)

Testimonial – Emma (BBO Shropshire Participant)

“Before I arrived at Landau’s doorstep a few months ago, my confidence was at an all-time low. It’s with everyone’s help at Landau I have my confidence back, I look forward to what the future has in store for me now.”

Emma* (BBO Shropshire Participant)

Testimonial – Harry (BBO Shropshire Participant)

“The program was really helpful, making all the steps I needed to take a lot easier. I was supported in getting to where I wanted to be.”

Harry* (BBO Shropshire Participant)

Testimonial – Tom (BBO Shropshire Participant)

“Without Building Better Opportunities Shropshire I’d be stuffed, now I believe I can do this. I now look at what I can do rather than focus on what I can’t do. Thank you Fuse CIC and Landau for the brilliant Building Better Opportunities Shropshire Project which is tailored perfectly to meet my needs.”

Tom* (BBO Shropshire Participant)