The theme this year is ‘nature’, so we have been outside, connecting with nature and gathering natural resources for our group artwork.
Our wonderful Landau Learners decided to continue with the nature theme and chose to make a collage of a Honey Badger.
We had a fantastic time scavenging for our resources and then putting together our work of art. Well done all of you.👏
Presenting…..Gail Platt the Honey Badger!
We have done some research into famous people who suffer from mental health issues. By asking for help and discussing their illnesses in public they have helped to raise awareness of their various conditions.
Also well done to our amazing Study Programme learner Charlie for creating this!
Personal and Social Development makes up a huge part of what we do in centre and includes topics such as healthy living, personal relationships, money management and independence skills.
Each Bee🐝 on this board represents one of the many elements that we cover in our sessions. ‘Bee Mindful ‘ is particularly important this week, as it is Mental Health Awareness week.