Supported Employment

In the early 1970’s several people began discussions about the need to develop supported employment in the UK, a group was formed, TSI Ltd to ensure continuation of the initiative and evolvement of a service in the UK. Landau’s CEO was a founder member of the group and became instrumental for the role out of early supported employment services across the UK. Those early services have informed current models of good practices and can been clearly identified in IPS and other such support models being used today.

Landau’s supported employment model takes a holistic approach to supporting individuals, ensuring they are in control of the process and delivering the outcome they want.

We work with parents, carers, local services, clinical professionals, schools and colleges to deliver a range of programmes to help people gain employment. Explore our services and get in touch with the team to make your future – or the future of someone you know – that much brighter.

How We Do It

With over 27 years’ experience of supporting people to overcome barriers and improve their confidence, we have developed several services that cater to the needs of our service users: