IPS – Individual Placement & Support

Our IPS service is funded by BBO Shropshire. BBO Shropshire is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.

Landau offers an individual placement support service (IPS) that provides intensive help and job support for those with mental health barriers delivered by trained specialists that work in partnership with local mental health teams. Working to reduce barriers whilst promoting wellbeing and independence. 

People with severe mental health problems have low rates of employment. Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is a supported employment model which supports people with serious mental health problems into employment, and is supported by a wealth of international evidence, following the principles of ”place and train”. It consists of intensive, individual support, rapid job search followed by placement in paid employment, and time-unlimited in-work support for both the employee and the employer.

IPS is recognised as the most effective way to support people with mental health barriers.

What is IPS?

IPS (Individual Placement Support) is the most recognized method of supporting individuals with mental health problems to attain employment.

Based on eight principles:

  1. Get People Into Competitive Employment
  2. Open to those who want work
  3. Source jobs consistent with peoples preferences
  4. Works Quickly
  5. Brings Employment Specialist into Clinical Teams
  6. Employment Specialists develop relationships with employers based on personal work preferences
  7. Provides Times unlimited, individualised support for the person and their employer
  8. Benefits counselling included

Centre For Mental Health. (2018). What is IPS? [Online] 

What We Do

We will discuss with individuals, what type of work they are interested in, help them to identify their skills and ambitions and ascertain their preference for full or part-time work.

Matching skills and strengths, Landau will introduce individuals to agencies and employers, help with job applications, CV’s and hold mock interviews, to ensure that the client is represented in the best way possible.

If the person is unsure of what sort of work they want to do and/or has been unemployed for a long time we’ll work with them to bring out their core talents and support them in a career path they find of interest.

Working in partnership with mental health teams we’ll continue our support to ensure individuals can sustain long-term paid employment.

Whether you’re looking for top tips on updating your CV or advice on how to go into that

interview with confidence, our resources hub is the place for you.

Job Searching Tips

CV Writing Tips

Cover Letter Tips

Interview Tips

Your First Day at Work

Advice for Clinicians

We’ve created a handy guide to IPS for your Clinical Team, you’ll discover what IPS is, why you’re so important, what you can do to help and further information on how to refer to this life-changing service. View the guide and get started with IPS today.

Already supporting this service? Why get our marketing pack to promote IPS in your waiting or consulting rooms, email us to get yours now.

Make a Referral

If you have a mental health barrier and would like our support please get in touch with your local mental health team who can refer you to this service.

If you are part of a mental health team and would like to refer someone to this service, please complete the pre-registration basic eligibility form below and our dedicated Individual Placement Employment Advisers will be in touch with you soon.


You MUST have consent from the individual you are submitting details of before completing this form. Details of this form are only shared with the Employment Advisor, Line Supervisor and Project Manager for the purpose of supporting the individual alone. We will not share these details with anyone else for marketing purposes. 


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