Why Volunteer?


Volunteering is great at any age, find a volunteering opportunity for you in Shropshire & Herefordshire, and be inspired by volunteering success stories…

<h3 id="whyvolunteer">Why Volunteer?</h3>

Benefits of Being A Volunteer

Stand Out To Employers

Volunteering can be a route to employment, giving you a chance to try a new industry or demonstrate you are committed to improving your skills if you’ve been out of work.

Give Back

Feel great about making a difference in people lives, the environment and animal welfare.

Meet New People

Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and make new friends.

Be Part of The Community

Get to know your local community and feel proud of your positive contribution, you’re making lots of lives better!

Be Inspired

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to try something new, maybe you want to try something new and change your routine, volunteering a flexible way of trying lots of things out before deciding on a new career or hobby.

Have Fun!

Volunteering can be a unique experience that’ll you always remember, you’ll have fun whilst doing lots of good!

Volunteering Success Stories

Be Inspired To Volunteer…

Emma completed courses in Health and Safety, Customer Service and IT to build the skills and confidence to pursue employment. Thanks for befriending work and a role at a charity shop enabled by Landau and the BBO Shropshire project, Emma discovered an ambition to become an Activities Coordinator.

Recalling on her tumultuous journey Emma says “Before I arrived at Landau’s doorstep a few months ago, my confidence was at an all-time low. It’s with everyone’s help at Landau I have my confidence back, I look forward to what the future has in store for me now.”

Emma's Story

BBO Shropshire Participant

Nicola wanted to help other people and fill some of her time. After being referred from the Autism Hub to BBO Shropshire Partner, TWCVS, Nicola began running the Tea trolley and her confidence began to soar, her improved self-esteem led her to make crafts, help out in a cafe and run a fantastic fundraising event!

Nicola says “I feel fantastic, I work hard, I’m really proud of the fundraising I did at TWCVS. I raised a lot of money for all the groups by selling cakes and aprons.”

Nicola's Story

BBO Shropshire Participant

Ed was unemployed when they started volunteering, Ed wanted to build a routine, start being productive and use their creative talents for good. BBO Shropshire partner, Crowsmill offered Ed the opportunity to volunteer at their craft centre. Ed made a Games of Thrones-themed Birdbox, a replica 14-16th Century Halberd and wall mount in just a few months of joining them. 

Ed says “This project has significantly helped improve my confidence and my mental health has subsequently improved markedly. I strongly class this as one of the best and most positive experiences of my life.”

Ed's Story

BBO Shropshire Participant

Volunteering FAQ

I don’t have enough time, how can I volunteer? 

Voluntary roles are normally flexible, organisations will be pleased to have a bit of your time to further their cause, you can volunteer for just an hour a week if that suits your circumstances.

Can I afford to volunteer?  

Some organisations will pay travel expenses. If you feel that you can’t volunteer because you are on a zero hour contract or work part-time, talk to the organisation you want to work for, there may be another way to help out that fits around your working hours. If you’re out of work right now, volunteering shouldn’t affect your benefits entitlement provided the only money you receive in return is for volunteering expenses only. More information on volunteering and benefits can be found here.  

I have a disability, can I volunteer? 

Yes! If you’re based in Shropshire or Herefordshire, our Building Better Opportunities Projects can find a volunteering role to suit you.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?  

All volunteers have a huge amount of value at any age, some opportunities request that you’re over 18 due to the type of environment or tasks involved.

I need more support to be able to volunteer, how can I get this? 

We support people from all backgrounds who face challenges, we’ll help you overcome these and find the right volunteering role for you.

What if I don’t like it?  

You don’t have to stay in a voluntary position you’re not enjoying but it would be a good idea to discuss this with the organisation first to see if they can make any changes. If you have a complaint, ensure you check the organisation’s complaint procedure.

Ready To Volunteer?

Volunteering for Landau means making an immediate impact, find out more and how you can get involved.

We have a large network of organisations that can help you find volunteering opportunities across Shropshire and Herefordshire if you’re not working and over 19, through our Building Better Opportunities Programmes (funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery through Big Lottery Fund)

If you’re looking for remote volunteering opportunities (working from home) or national vacancies then we’ll take you to Do