The best investment is in our people claims a local business as it sets out plans for the next wave of lock down by giving staff paid time off during the working day to look after their well-being.

Local supported employment business Landau continued to work throughout lockdown supporting and motivating people to stay positive and even find employment. Using their online service and virtual 1-2-1 support, customers on all of Landaus programme had access to support.

As part of their wellbeing programme for their staff Landau has introduced ‘Take 2’ giving all staff 2 hours a week paid leave to focus on their own health and well-being, staff can take the time as a 2-hour block or separate half hour across the week.

Landau CEO Sonia Roberts said ‘Our people are our most valuable asset, they support people many of whom are vulnerable and isolated. During the last lockdown we saw significant increase in demand for our service, we need to support our staff in every possible way, to enable them to support others’

Earlier in the year Landau became a Centre of Excellence for their IPS service which supports people with enduring mental health conditions secure sustainable employment by providing ongoing support to their clients and business partners. The service was recently was ranked the highest scoring RAND reviewed service in the UK.

Staff at Landau are encouraged to walk, job, cycle or yoga, or maybe start a new hobby or read a book as part of their Take 2 programme. Staff have access to an internal web-based portal to share their experiences and upload photos as part of the employee assistance scheme. HR partner Cerys Holder said ‘Take 2 is building on a range of support that we put in place last March to help staff cope with lockdown. We recognise that lockdown this time will restrict the out of hours activities staff will be able to do because of the restricted daytime hours, hallowing time during the day will enable staff to take part in more outdoor activities safely.

Landau also has a call out for furloughed staff to provide skills to voluntary sector and charitable organisations to support their own wellbeing through volunteering.