The Marches Construction Ready Project

Landau is the lead partner for a £650,000 Government grant that has been secured by a consortium of local businesses, known as the Marches Construction Ready Partnership, to get the project off the ground. The aim is to introduce around 400 skilled construction workers to the Marches area by training the long-term unemployed, students and people looking to make a career change into the construction industry.

The fund is part of the government’s National Retraining Scheme in England. This scheme aims to support innovative ways of training new entrants and retraining adults in areas for which public funding is not available.

The Construction Skills Fund is provided by the Department for Education (DfE), and administered and implemented by CITB.

What Is Covered By This Fund?

An on-site training hub is a physical facility which enables potential entrants to become site and employment ready. The hub would ideally be located within a large housing development or infrastructure project.

Training hubs are aligned to the construction programme to enable training to be matched to employment opportunities. The model encourages collaborative partnership working with a focus on benefits to local communities.

In working collaboratively with Jobcentre Plus, local community groups, training providers and through the construction supply chain it is possible to design training programmes for those wishing to enter the construction industry which give the best possibility of gaining employment.

Through the fund, it is envisaged on-site training hubs will design programmes focused on those wishing to join the sector from full-time education, those who are currently unemployed, and those wishing to switch careers.


Leadership team of the Marchers Construction Ready Partnership

                     Ed Thomas (Wrekin Housing Trust – WHT), Graham Reynolds (TCAT), Les Evans (WHT),                            Phil Taylor (Landau), Sonia Roberts (Landau), Eve Johnson (TCAT), Martin Rinvolucri (Beattie Passive), David Wells (WHT), Matt Bourne (Hawk Training).

The initiative will see a construction manufacturing hub based in Telford, where learners will be taught key construction and offsite manufacturing skills needed. Learners will also receive the training necessary for the first stage construction processes for passive housing, which are advanced, low energy, draft-free buildings featuring high performance insulation to effectively eliminate heat loss. Most of the heating in these properties comes from sunlight, electrical appliances and even body heat meaning almost no heating systems are required.

There will also be two mobile training hubs providing all training activities for learners on building sites across the Marches. Professionals from The Wrekin Housing Trust will oversee the supervision and management of trainees at both the on-site hubs and construction sites.

Sonia Roberts Landau CEO:


“The hubs will provide high-quality on-site environment to engage with those who have previously struggled with traditional learning environments, taking them successfully through the ‘Work Ready’, ‘Site Ready’, ‘Skills Ready’ course modules.

“The factory training hub will be equipped to focus upon learning skills used in construction- manufacturing of Passivhaus structural panels. The skill set taught is transferable within the construction industry and enables the learner to quickly master local industry-required manufacturing techniques.”


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