After the heart-breaking loss of four family members, Emma* has gone from recluse to confident job seeker.
Emma was happily employed as a mechanic until an excruciating hip and back injury in 2014 left her unable to work. While unemployed, Emma suffered a series of tragedies, with the loss of her grandmother and her mum in the space of 6 months, followed by her brother and niece both taking their own lives. After losing four members of her family, Emma’s partner of 30 years ended their relationship, leaving her grieving and isolated.



Only leaving her home sporadically, Emma saw a grief counsellor for 12 weeks. She then visited an employment support service but felt her situation was misunderstood and felt that she was not as ready for work as she should be. Struggling to get back on track with support from traditional services, she was referred to Landau’s Building Better Opportunities project.


New Hope…

Landau is the lead on the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) Shropshire Project funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund. The BBO Shropshire project brings together over 20 organisations to engage with those furthest away from the labour market helping them move forwards into employment.


Life Changing…

Emma also completed courses in Health and Safety, Customer Service and IT to build the skills and confidence to pursue employment. Thanks for befriending work and a role at a charity shop enabled by Landau and the BBO Shropshire project, Emma discovered an ambition to become an Activities Coordinator.

Recalling on her tumultuous journey Emma says “Before I arrived at Landau’s doorstep a few months ago, my confidence was at an all-time low. It’s with everyone’s help at Landau I have my confidence back, I look forward to what the future has in store for me now.”

To find out how Landau’s BBO Shropshire project could help you, get in touch with the BBO team.

Building Better Opportunities Shropshire is funded by the Big Lottery and European Social Fund. Funding supports projects in England that tackle poverty and promote social inclusion.