Day Opportunities: Advice for Parents/Guardians

Creating Futures: Day Opportunities

Our Day Opportunities programme offers an exciting and varied range of activities, developing knowledge, skills and experience through community-based projects.

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Find Your Future

The student learns all the skills required to get a job, preparing them for future employment.

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Connect To Your Future

Students learn about IT & digital applications for the workplace, gaining transferable skills to prepare them for life and work.

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Make Your Future

Students will develop craft skills such as woodworking learning to make and sell their own goods.

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Grow Your Future

Students will grow fruit and vegetables, plants and flowers and will learn about gardening and horticulture.

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Cater For Your Future

Learners will gain cooking skills, creating good healthy food on a budget. They will also have the opportunity to gain practical experience of working in a café and commercial environment.

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Care For Your Future

Students will learn about self-care and life skills to give them the confidence to live increasingly independently.

Why Choose Landau?

We Have Decades of Experience

We have over 20 years experience in supporting people with learning disabilities or difficulties.


You Can Relax

We’re confident that we deliver great outcomes and enjoyable, worthwhile experiences. We work to create stronger integrated communities where young people and adults with disabilities are recognised and valued as contributing members of society.

We Have Excellent Transport Links

With bus routes directly outside the training and enterprise centre, we’re well connected, Stoke-On-Trent and North Staffordshire are just a short journey away and we have good car parking facilities too.

We Work In Partnership

We work with, and as part of, a number of business networks, this greatly enhances our local pathways into employment for learners.

We have great links to volunteer networks and agencies, placing Landau in a strong position to support learners into volunteering opportunities.

You’ll Get A Dedicated Mentor

Each learner will have a dedicated member of staff to mentor and coach them throughout the programme. They will keep you regularly updated as to the learner’s achievements and progress.

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Initial Assessment

We strongly believe in consulting with the individual to ensure that this is the right opportunity for them. We will invite you and your loved one to meet with us 1:1 in order to undertake an assessment to discuss suitability and eligibility.

We also run taster sessions and offer an induction, prior to starting with us.

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Personalised Programme

Each learner will have a named mentor as part of their programme.  This expert will coach and develop the individual through their programme and toward progression. Our provision is tailored to the learner’s needs. We will monitor their progress and regularly update you.

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Learners can attend the centre for as long as they need to achieve their goals. Whether aiming for work, volunteering, exploring self-employment or gaining greater independence, we will work with you to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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