Sonia Roberts.

Days after receiving a royal seal of approval with a Queen’s Award for Promoting Opportunity, Landau is calling for employers to sign a new pledge as part of its landmark We See You initiative.

Organisations are being asked to become disability confident employers, provide training for staff, make workplace adjustments and adopt a ‘talent first not disability’ culture to drive greater inclusivity.

“Launching this pledge is a significant step in our campaign for achieving greater workplace diversity nationally and we do hope businesses will show their support by signing up.

Around 8.4 million working aged people in the UK have a disability and that includes those with a mental illness or learning disability. However, alarmingly, only 52 per cent of these people are in paid employment. This demonstrates we have a lot of work still to do in terms of increasing diversity across workplaces in general, but businesses can start to make a difference today by signing our pledge.

Taking simple steps such as providing training to staff on how they can support people with mental illness or a learning disability can instantly create more inclusive work environments for everyone. Understanding an individual’s needs and making simple adjustments in the workplace to support them can also promote efficiency and creativity and its these things we are asking businesses to think about and show a commitment to.

Attracting job applications from people with a disability can have a wide range of positive benefits for employers – from widening the talent pool of potential candidates to increasing workplace productivity and job retention.”

Landau CEO Sonia Roberts