Supported Employment

We work with people of a variety of ages, who wish to find employment.

If you’re eager to get back or in to employment, maybe develop or polish your skills, find your inner-confidence, try a completely new industry altogether or even to get some experience for your CV: our supported-employment programme will do as much as possible to help you achieve your ambitions.

If you’re ready to work, or can’t see how work would benefit you, take a look at our advice on why work will change your life; for the better.

Our team are experienced in supporting people, sometimes these people may have complex needs. We know, from over twenty years of helping people get in to work, almost anybody can contribute in the workplace; with the right support.

If you have a mental health barrier or are supporting someone that does, please take a look at our IPS service.

How It Works

By providing training and one-to-one support, we will help you with whatever is holding you back. Our service is based on the model of Individual Placement and Support (I.P.S.), this means that our support will be focused on your specific needs as well as identifying what sort of job you want.

Tips for increasing your confidence, looking at vocational-skills, improving or creating your CV and advice and guidance is all part of what we do to enhance your employment-prospects. If you’re concerned that you might need support in work: we provide that too, for as long as you need.

The Benefits of Supported Employment

  • Acquire new skills to improve your confidence

  • An experienced team of job-coaches, dedicated to you and your goals

  • Fast track your development
  • An approach that supports your well-being

Financial Aid

Funding is available. Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to financial support to participate. Please get in touch with one of our team to see if you’re covered.

Not sure if this is the right step?

We understand that getting back into work can be a huge step. Don’t worry, have a chat with our supported-employment team and find out how they can help you today.

Think of someone else?

We work with parents, schools, and businesses to deliver our services. If there’s someone you know who could benefit from us, let them know that referral is simple.