IPS – Individual Placement & Support

IPS (Individual Placement and Support) supports people with severe mental health difficulties into employment. It involves intensive, individual support, a rapid job search followed by placement in paid employment, and time-unlimited in-work support for both the employee and the employer.


There is  overwhelming international evidence that ‘place then train’ models – and IPS in particular – are much more effective than traditional approaches (such as vocational training and sheltered work) in successfully getting people into work.

The EQOLISE project compared IPS with other vocational / rehabilitation services in six European countries, and concluded that:

  • IPS clients were twice as likely to gain employment (55% v. 28%) and worked for significantly longer;
  • The total costs for IPS were generally lower than standard services over first 6 months;
  • Individuals who gained employment had reduced hospitalisation
Landau is a recognised Centre for Mental Health for it IPS service and was the top performing service in England following a RAND review of the service for the NHS. 
You can learn more about the impact of our service for our service users and their Road to Recovery.

What Is IPS?


IPS (Individual Placement Support) is the most recognised method of supporting individuals with mental health problems to attain employment.

IPS is the most researched approach to supporting people with mental ill health into competitive employment. There is robust evidence for the effectiveness of the IPS approach and studies have concluded that the rate of employment for people with serious mental illness who are motivated to work, was double compared with usual high quality vocational rehabilitation.

People with enduring mental health problems have low rates of employment. Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is a supported employment model which supports people with serious mental health problems into employment, and is supported by a wealth of international evidence, following the principles of ‘‘place and train”. It consists of intensive, individual support, rapid job search followed by placement in paid employment, and time-unlimited in-work support for both the employee and the employer.

IPS is recognised as the most effective way to support people with mental health barriers based on eight principles:

  1. Get People Into Competitive Employment
  2. Open to those who want work
  3. Source jobs consistent with peoples preferences
  4. Works Quickly
  5. Brings Employment Specialist into Clinical Teams
  6. Employment Specialists develop relationships with employers based on personal work preferences
  7. Provides Times unlimited, individualised support for the person and their employer
  8. Benefits counselling included

Centre For Mental Health. (2018). What is IPS? [Online] 


What We Do

Landau offers an Individual Placement Support Service (IPS) that provides intensive help and job searching support for those with mental health barriers delivered by trained specialists that work in partnership with the mental health teams, working to reduce barriers whilst promoting wellbeing and independence. There is close collaboration between the clinical teams and employment specialist to work together to support the service user to find competitive, long term sustainable employment.

  • We help anyone who expresses a desire to work, regardless of job readiness factors.
  • One in four people in the general population experience a mental health problem.
  • 90% of people with Mental Health issues say they want to work.

Ask your clinician to refer you to one of our employment specialists. They will contact you and arrange a meeting to get to know you, find out what you want to do, how many hours you can work and where. This is a relaxed an informal approach so don’t feel threatened by it. We will work with you to understand what barriers you may have to work and we will help you to overcome these. On your behalf we will help you to find suitable employment that meets your aspirations in a supportive environment.  

We will introduce individuals to agencies and employers, help with job applications, CV’s and hold mock interviews, to ensure that the client is represented in the best way possible.

If the person is unsure of what sort of work they want to do and has been unemployed for a long time we’ll work with them to bring out their core talents and support them in a career path they find of interest.

Working in partnership with mental health teams we’ll continue our support to ensure individuals can sustain long-term paid employment.

We will work with you to encourage and empower you to explore work opportunities, increase self-confidence and self-belief.

Benefits counselling is part of our services as it is a key part of your employment planning.

What Our Participants Say


Independent research has been conducted on our IPS service in Telford by Shepherd and Moyes, this is a selection of what participants said: 

“Landau found me a job being a tutor and I’m now starting to do that. I’ve also now signed up for a tutoring agency as well. And with Landau’s support I’ve registered as self-employed I’d never needed employment support before”

“I’ve been supported by the MH team since 1996/97 and have been in and out of work, and have had long periods where I haven’t worked. I did have a job a few months ago, but I left because the hours weren’t there. I wanted to go back into care work, and Landau found me that job. I didn’t know how to go about it, how to look for care work. I stuck to Landau’s advice and it’s landed me a job.” If it wasn’t for Landau’s support I don’t think I’d be back in work, but I’ve had this opportunity and it’s a good thing.”

“I wasn’t sure if Landau would be able to help as I’m a qualified teacher for 21years, but I got in touch with them this August. I’ve met with them every week. It’s been the most helpful thing that’s happened to me. I’ve now started more intensive CBT and doing a few bits and pieces work-wise. Gemma’s support, advice, encouragement and her attitude of ‘wow, you can do this’ – she hasn’t got a vested interest so I can’t argue against it. It’s built my self-esteem so much it’s been invaluable.”

“I wasn’t feeling very positive, I didn’t think I could do it. The support helped me in all sorts of ways, Landau have done really well to support me through it all. They are always at the end of the phone if I need them or if I need to ask any questions. We looked through the local newspapers and Landau knew some employers – they are understanding and know my history. I’m doing domiciliary care, personal care work and online training, working in people’s homes. It’s really good. I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks now – it’s brilliant and it’s really boosted my confidence. The girls that I’m working with are really nice, and I’ll definitely be staying.”

What Employers Say About Us

“I believe Landau are a fantastic organisation who not only help their customers get back on their feet when they need it most, but also help them even when in employment (if they should need it) and I for one am very grateful for the liaison between myself and Chas in particular.”

- ES Cleaning


“The two people we have employed through Landau have really made a big difference. They are really dedicated, very hard working, really high calibre. I can see the passion within them, it’s really refreshing, they clearly want to take their place in society, not just sit at home being poorly. I am just waiting for a third individual supported by Landau to start and I know she will be just as good. I really can’t say enough about how good the service is, it’s great, it’s fantastic.”

– Carradice Care  

What The Trust Says 

“So far having sent 4 clients each with their individual needs and hopes and fears, I have seen that Landau have responded to each client with a bespoke approach that has really been beneficial to their confidence and wellbeing.”


“The input from Landau is an invaluable asset with my clients. Helping to develop confidence by combining therapy and practical application of skills encouraged and supported by Landau.”

Community Mental Health  

“Chas has supported my client back to part-time work recently. She had not worked for at least 3 years, all the time she had been with our team. His support and guidance have helped her to gain confidence; she was able to find a job in domiciliary care which really suits her. Her confidence has increased, she is happier in herself, and enjoying being part of a team. I am delighted with this outcome for her, and I know that Landau made all the difference to her.”

– Community Practitioner 

Advice for Clinicians

We’ve created a handy guide to IPS for your Clinical Team, you’ll discover what IPS is, why you’re so important, what you can do to help and further information on how to refer to this life-changing service. View the guide and get started with IPS today.

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