Welcome to the Landau Shop

We are pleased to launch our online shop in 2021 as we celebrate 25 years of Landau. We plan to build our shop offer to include new products including those made by our participants. As a charity we welcome your purchases and any donations that help us to support our business aims of “changing lives, creating futures”

Welcome to the first in our series of Inspirational Books focussing on Mental Health.

Landau is proud to be a Centre of Excellence for supporting people with enduring mental health illness, helping their recovery through employment. Our team of Employment Specialists, working under our IPS Individual Placement Support model, work on a one to one basis to provide guidance, help & support to move our clients into sustainable employment that matches their skills & interests.

Mental health problems are widespread, at times disabling, yet often hidden. People will often suffer depression or anxiety in silence with one in four adults’ experiencing at least one diagnosable mental health problem. People in all walks of life can be affected and at any point in their lives, including new mothers, children, teenagers, adults, chief executives, unemployed and older people. Mental health problems represent the largest single cause of disability in the UK. The cost to the economy is estimated at £105 billion a year – roughly the cost of the entire NHS.

We are proud of the achievements of our clients, their journey and the life changing differences that have been made with our support. 

We hope you too are inspired by their stories & it encourages others to seek our help.

NOTE: copies of the books are available by request – [email protected]