Community Mental Health Grant scheme is funded by NHSEI through Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust (MPFT), the programme aims to support small and voluntary organisations and is looking for local initiatives that will provide help for people accessing primary mental health services to find the support they need to live healthy lives within their local community

Types of Organisations We Will Fund

We will support the following types of organisations;

  • Constituted Voluntary groups
  • Constituted Community groups.
  • Registered Charities
  • Social Enterprises
  • Limited companies are not eligible to apply to this programme.
Eligible Areas and beneficiaries

We will support organisations based in, or working for the benefit of people in the following local authority areas;

  • North Shropshire – Older Males 40+
  • Wrekin – 18-25 year olds
  • Shropshire Wide – BAME groups

You can be delivering or based in the areas detailed above. However, you must have a local connection to the area in which the proposal will be delivered and clearly demonstrate this connection. Applications without clear demonstration of local connection will not be considered.

Project Aims

In this first round of grant funding there will be system-wide focus on under-represented groups that were the result of a detailed local data analysis.  These include:

  • Men over 40 years
  • Young Adults (18-25 years)
  • BAME groups

Grants will support a range of activities aimed at providing support to people accessing primary mental health services find the support they need to live healthy lives within their local community.

Successful projects will be required to collect and record specific information on the people they are working with, and the costs they are incurring.

What can be funded
  • Equipment Costs
  • Capital costs
  • Training costs
  • Project costs
  • Event costs
  • Revenue/ staff costs
  • Overhead costs – maximum of 10% of the total grant requested

 Ineligible Costs

This fund will not offer support for the following costs;

  • Funding towards religious projects that promote religion (although religious organisations can be funded for non -religious projects)
  • Overhead costs which are more than 10% of the total grant requested
  • Core costs of running your organisation other than those directly associated with delivery of the project.
  • Any costs that cannot be fully evidenced back to your organisation’s nominated bank account
  • At the end of the project, groups will be asked to complete the end of grant impact report.
  • It is important that every grant awarded seeks to improve the access and/or experiences of individuals who need to access support regarding their mental health, therefore part of this monitoring will include the below table to show quantity data of outcomes and outputs achieved by your project.


Grant Focus Area

Grant Outcome (What the grant is seeking to achieve)


Grant Output (Actions or items that contribute to achieving an outcome)
Improving Access for participants
Improving Experience for participants
Supporting Documents
Documents That Must Be Submitted With Your Application

The following documents must be provided with your application form.  If you fail to provide these documents your application will not be considered for funding.  All documents should be submitted at the time of application.

  • A copy of your governing document, (constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association).
  • A copy of your most recent accounts, (audited or independently examined)
  • A recent bank statement, (dated within the last three months clearly showing account number and sort code)
  • A copy of your safeguarding policy
  • At least three quotes for any capital items
Deadlines & Panel Dates
Submission Deadlines

The following dates are submission dates and panel dates for 2022.

  • Applications received before 12th August 2022 will go to the panel on or around 12th September 2022


Dates of subsequent application windows and panels are to be confirmed.


How To Apply

To apply for a grant of between £1,000 and £20,000 please submit an application using our online application facility.  You can attach any supporting documents to the application form, which is accessible via the button below.