Training & Learning

At the heart of Landau is its Education and Training programmes. From the post-sixteen Study Programme, for young people, through to Adult and Community learning: Landau assists people who might just be missing a crucial qualification.

Some of our courses are based on key-qualifications such as English and Maths, whereas others may be non-accredited; although those develop your raw-skills, capability and confidence.

When you decide to learn with us, we offer:

  • A strong focus on skills and learning

  • A warm, friendly, and safe environment in which to learn

  • Experienced, expert, staff dedicated to helping you achieve

  • Small group sizes with tutors, coaches, and support-staff; which offers personalised learning

  • Assistance of those with additional learning-needs

  • An alternative to mainstream school or college

  • Engaging and exciting programmes with “real work” activities and tasks

  • Recognition of and support with your overall well-being, so that you can achieve your potential