Social Care

Landau offers day opportunities with a skills and enterprise focus for individuals with a learning barrier in Stoke-On-Trent and Staffordshire.

Our experienced staff are committed to supporting you with a varied programme of activities including vibrant enterprises and worthwhile social projects.

If you have direct payments or wish to self-fund, this is the ideal programme for you. 

Working in six vocational areas, we create a personal programme that matches individual interests, abilities and needs, delivering a difference that rewards and enriches their own life and also the lives of others.  

Creating Futures – Skills & Enterprise

  • Strong focus on skills and learning
  • Learn and train in a friendly and safe environment
  • Expert and experienced staff, dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals
  • An exciting and engaging programme with real work tasks and activities
  • Great facilities with easy access
  • An approach that supports your overall wellbeing – through a focus on work, enterprise, learning and lifestyle
  • Results driven programme
  • Provides choice and control over how your health and care needs are met, to support you into independent living 
Find Your Future

Develop skills you need for employment. Try work projects and placements with tailored support and coaching every step of the way.

Connect To Your Future

Learn IT, Digital and Communication skills. Understand core business principles in adminstration and technology and gain confidence in your computer skills. 

Make Your Future
Discover your creative talents and learn arts and crafts, gaining the skills needed to make and sell your own products.
Grow Your Future
Find out about plants, crops and flowers. Get skilled in gardening, growing and harvesting, contributing to community and environmental projects.
Cater For Your Future
Learn about the hospitality industry and get skills in food preparation and food service. Discover all about food hygiene and the importance of good nutrition.
Care For Your Future
Manage all aspects of life that enables independent living increasing your confidence in the wider world as well as learning skills relevant to the care sector.

What People Have Had To Say


Testimonial – Carl

“Brilliant place [Landau West Bromwich].”


Testimonial – Lesley

“Landau is the best the staff are brilliant the learners are brilliant the whole place is fantastic the place is so calm and the learners love it they always say today has been a really good day Sharon [Landau Stoke Manager] has got such a good understanding of what she wants the place to become well done Landau.”


Testimonial – Anthony (Supported Employment Participant) 

“I came here [Landau Stoke] on work experience. And honestly, it’s a fantastic place, with fantastic people. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Anthony (Supported Employment Participant) 

Testimonial – CZaynab (Study Programme Participant)

“I have really Enjoyed being at Landau. Thank you for all of your help.”

Zaynab (Study Programme Participant)

Testimonial – Clive (Supported Employment (Work Choice) Participant)

“With the support from Landau, I feel like doors have been opened and I’m now considering all available options.”

Clive (Supported Employment (Work Choice) Participant)

Testimonial – Natasha (Supported Employment (Work Choice) Participant)

“My time at Landau has really helped me, I was really scared of the thought of getting back into work. When I started Landau I was really nervous and I didn’t want to go, but I am happy I did because now, I have a job in a care home. They helped me gain confidence for my interview, everyone at Landau is really nice, they helped and supported me. I feel more confident and happy to start my job and it’s nice to know that Landau will be still supporting me whilst at work. Everyone made me comfortable and they all helped when I got nervous. Thank you so much for your help.”

Natasha (Supported Employment (Work Choice) Participant)

Testimonial – Ollie (BBO Shropshire Participant)

“The programme is very helpful, Allyson was great, my life now is good, I have a new job to look forward to and new people to meet.”

Ollie* (BBO Shropshire Participant)

Testimonial – Becky (BBO Shropshire Participant) 

“Think about how far I’ve come in a year, what could I be doing in years’ time!”

Becky* (BBO Shropshire Participant) 

Testimonial – Amy (Supported Employment (Work Choice) Participant)

“I really don’t think I’d be working now if it wasn’t for all Landau’s support and advice. I can’t thank you enough for all your help.”

Amy* (Supported Employment (Work Choice) Participant)

Testimonial – Emma (BBO Shropshire Participant)

“Before I arrived at Landau’s doorstep a few months ago, my confidence was at an all-time low. It’s with everyone’s help at Landau I have my confidence back, I look forward to what the future has in store for me now.”

Emma* (BBO Shropshire Participant)

Testimonial – Harry (BBO Shropshire Participant)

“The program was really helpful, making all the steps I needed to take a lot easier. I was supported in getting to where I wanted to be.”

Harry* (BBO Shropshire Participant)

Testimonial – Tom (BBO Shropshire Participant)

“Without Building Better Opportunities Shropshire I’d be stuffed, now I believe I can do this. I now look at what I can do rather than focus on what I can’t do. Thank you Fuse CIC and Landau for the brilliant Building Better Opportunities Shropshire Project which is tailored perfectly to meet my needs.”

Tom* (BBO Shropshire Participant)

Try A Taster Day

If Creating Futures sounds like the right path for you, why not come along to one of our taster days to find out more. You’ll be invited to experience three different taster activities from our skills and enterprise programme and to meet the team who’ll be supporting you, so you can decide if the programme is right for you.

Financial Help

Day Opportunities are usually funded through direct payments or self-funding. Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to financial support. Please get in touch with one of our team for further advice.

Want To See How Our Day Opportunities Can Help You?

To find out which option is best suited to you or to try a taster day, get in touch with a member of the team who will discuss your circumstances and find the best solution for you.


We know that nothing is more than important than your loved one receiving the best care and opportunities, read our advice for parent’s and guardians on our “Creating Futures” Day care services

Know someone that could benefit from “Creating Futures”?

We work with parents, carers, local businesses, and funders to deliver our programmes. If someone you know needs our help please refer them here.