Providing Work and Volunteering Experience

It’s only natural to be nervous about providing work experience to someone you don’t know, but with our clients, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Many of our clients have a learning and/or a mental health barrier, we’ll work with you so you know exactly what to do and how to help them make the most of their time with you so everyone benefits.
Giving Work Experience: Boosting team morale

Boost your team’s morale

Infectious enthusiasm. 

A lot of our clients have been excluded from the workplace for a long time, we help them overcome barriers to work and the end result generates a huge amount of enthusiasm and drive to work hard.

Open Doors

By providing work experience or a volunteering placement you’re helping someone to refresh their CV, learn new skills and make new friends. It doesn’t matter if someone has been unemployed for 1 week or 20 years, the experience you can provide is invaluable to them and prospective employers. 
Giving Work Experience: Working Together
Volunteering experience: getting volunteers

Why should I select a Landau client?

Because they deserve the chance to be successful just like anyone else. 

A lot of our clients have a learning or mental health barrier. Work experience can help break down perceived barriers, our clients want to work and further themselves. By providing work experience you’re removing one less barrier they have to tackle.

What sort of work can I provide?

Sky’s the limit.

Our clients’ experience and skill set varies greatly, we support people from all sorts of backgrounds and of all ages, our employment advisors can advise you on the specific skills of our client on an individual basis,

Volunteering experience: working together

We’ll match you to the right candidate

Find talent for free, no recruitment fees here. 

Our clients’ skills and needs are diverse, our employment advisors will meet with you and discuss your needs so we can find a compatible client for work experience or perhaps an interview. We don’t charge for this service, we simply want the outcome for everyone by providing you with a great candidate and our client with a job or work placement.

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